马中建交47周年🇲🇾🇨🇳|马来西亚中华大会堂总会(华总) 总会长丹斯里吴添泉:马中发挥“全面抗疫伙伴关系”

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华总会长丹斯里吴添泉 形容,在马中8年前建立的“全面战略伙伴关系”基础上,两国在冠病疫情爆发后因疫情而再见真情,可说是共同构建了“全面抗疫伙伴关系”的新精神台阶。


吴添泉也是【Malaysia-China Business Council#马中商务理事会 董事兼双边政策委员会主席,配合马中两国建交47周年,他今天在文告中深信,两国多年来所建立的切水不断关系,可从建交前后迄今,人民与国家领导人互访频密,工商经贸、探亲旅游、文化科技、教育学术和国际关系等各领域联系交流、合作交往与联营共识等,取得意识形态各方面的认可和证明。

“中国抗疫所取得的成果是获得国际认同的,14亿人口中疫苗接种超过6亿剂次,今年杪可达80%覆盖率,与此同时,我国则启动更严苛的全国封锁式防疫抗疫 ,希望中方能够加大力度和速度供应疫苗予我国,包括在马生产和技术合作在内,协助我国早日度过疫情难关。”



另方面,也是【沙巴中華大會堂 FCAS#沙巴中华大会堂 总会长的吴添泉也表示,华总将一如既往秉承政府的“一中政策“,同时加强与中国驻我国大使馆和领事馆的密切联系和一切必要的配合,协助提升和拉近两国民间,尤其是华社的联系。



Huazong: 47 years of close ties allows Malaysia and China to forge strong partnership in fighting pandemic

The establishment of a “comprehensive strategic partnership” between Malaysia and China eight years ago, has allowed the two countries to forge a “comprehensive partnership” to fight the Covid-19, said Tan Sri T.C Goh, President of the Federation of Chinese Associations Malaysia (Huazong).

He acknowledged that since the Covid-19 outbreak, in December 2019, the two nations have demonstrated true spirit of comradeship, by constantly caring for and helping each other; besides providing essential medical equipment and resources, China also sent some of her medical experts over to Malaysia to share their valuable experience and knowledge in fighting Covid-19.

“And when the vaccines were made available in the market, China even gave priority to Malaysia in the supply of China-produced vaccines, which again fully demonstrated the strong bond between the two countries,” he said.

Goh who is also the Director for Malaysia-China Business Council cum chairman of Bilateral Policies Committee said this in a statement issued in conjunction with the 47th anniversary of diplomatic ties between Malaysia and China.

He acknowledged that the well-established strong bond between Malaysia and China has facilitated close cooperation and collaboration between the two nations in various sectors, such as trade and commerce, tourism, technology and culture, education, international relations, etc.

“China’s achievement in fighting the pandemic is internationally recognised where, a total of 600 million doses of vaccine had been administered to its 1.4 billion population, and vaccination rate is expected to reach 80% by the end of this year. With Malaysia now in total lockdown mode to contain the outbreak, we hope China could ramp up its vaccine supply for Malaysia, apart from providing technical assistance and support for production of vaccine in Malaysia, so that we could get out of this pandemic, soonest,” he said.

He went on to note that, over the years, Malaysia and China have achieved a steady growth in bilateral trade, especially citing that despite a devastating impact of the pandemic, last year, bilateral trade between the two nations exceeded USD 100 billion. Meanwhile, China remains the biggest trading partner for Malaysia, for 12 consecutive years, besides being the largest foreign investor for Malaysia’s manufacturing sector, for five consecutive years.

Goh who is also President of the Federation of Chinese Associations Sabah (FCAS) remains hopeful that such a positive and encouraging trend will continue, and it will most likely take off to greater heights, post pandemic era.

He also reiterated his call urging the Malaysian government to step up effort to attract more China investors to come and invest in Malaysia to help boost its economic recovery.

“This includes boosting collaboration with China in the Belt and Road initiative and the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP). China should consider using Malaysia’s strategic position as a transit hub for its products,” he suggested.

Meanwhile, Goh also reiterated Huazong’s stand of supporting “One China Policy”, besides boosting rapport with the China embassy and consulates in Malaysia, and between the people of the two nations, the Malaysian Chinese community, in particular.

He also assured that Huazong and the various Chinese assembly halls in Malaysia will continue to maintain a close rapport with the Chinese embassy and consulates in Malaysia, and will play their bridging role when required.

On behalf of Huazong, Goh also wished the two nations “a lasting friendship, and peace and prosperity for the nations and the people”.

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